If you are a company that runs a fleet of trucks we can assist you in setting up a route system, which can be financially beneficial to you. Just think of how much less stress you will have, not to mention the other benefits.

You will save on the following:

  • Truck payments
  • Fuel and truck maintenance costs
  • Payroll for drivers and their helpers (if any)
  • Workers’ Compensation and other insurance costs
  • Medical benefits
  • Taxes

What you will come out with is a group of owner/operators who have a vested interest in growing your company, while growing theirs. Additionally, you will get an immediate cash infusion to your business!

Allow us the opportunity to show you how this can be accomplished. The best part is that there is NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU no matter the size of your fleet! We will do all the advertising and won’t tie you up, the owner, or any of your company’s resources. We guarantee speedy results and will only get paid if we sell your routes.