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Title Total Price Down Payment Weekly Net Area
Bon Appetit Cake Route$69,000$69,000$1,115Philadelphia, PAPA
FedEx Home and Ground Routes$370,000$300,000$3,500Colonial Heights, VAVA
Dietz and Watson Provisions Route$499,000$499,000$3,445MDDE
Herr’s Master Distributorship$94,900$65,000$913Fredericksburg, VACharlottesville, VAVA
FedEx Home Routes$459,000$459,000$2,945Richmond, VAVA
Bon Appetit Cake Route$75,000$75,000$1,020DE
Herr’s Snacks Master Distributorship – Outer Banks, NC$86,000$66,000$1,100Outer Banks, NCNC